Take control of your crypto accounting and tax report

We specialize in tax accounting, reporting and tax related counselling for all types of crypo assets. This service is operated by a team of tax lawyers that offer a high level of service tailored to your individual needs.

Our Product

This product is the solution for all your crypto asset tax needs, including leverage trades, staking, NFTs, and more. Additionally our expert tax advisors provide personalized counselling and support for all types of transactions, both on and off the blockchain. Simplify your crypto taxes and maximize your returns with our comprehensive tax solution.

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Manage all your trading information

Import all types of crypto assets and trading information. We transform and calculate profits and losses in order to produce a complete tax report.

Save time

All calculations are handled, reviewed and reported in the correct forms to tax authorities.

Safe & Secure

Be confident that your accounting and tax report is accurate and covered by our insurance

How does it work?

Upon registration a personal contact will assess your tax reporting needs and give you a cost estimate. After that all sources of trading and assets account information is imported into DLT Accountings calculation engine which unifies and connects all financial activities into a stream of accounting events. Audit is performed, profit & loss reports are produced and a tax report is generated according to the applicable tax principles and formats for your tax authority.

Any type of data sources

The system can handle data synchronized with external APIs, blockchains or import CSV files

Any type of crypto assets

The system can handle any type of assets such as crypto currency, DeFi assets, contracts, NFT or second layer assets.

Any type of trades

The system will handle leverage trades, staking or NFTs according to applicable tax principles that should be applied in your region

Both for companies and individuals

The system will work just as good for company accounting as for private individual tax reporting

Our clients

Who are our clients?

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Want to signup or just learn more? Please register or mail us at info@dltaccounting.info and we will get back to you.


Yes, we will help you find and input all your trades and assets needed to produce you tax report.

Tax reporting is ultimately the individual or company's responsibility. But DLT Accounting is operated by one of the most experienced crypto tax accounting company in Sweden and is covered by insurance in case of penalties.

The cost is dependent on the amount of trades and source of trading information. A cost estimate will be produced free of charge upon sign up.